Our Story


For decades, Siladroja has been making high-quality silver jewelry products that have delighted millions of women. Siladroja's story dates back to 1994 when a couple of designer in Europe decided to sell their designs in their circle of friends. Since then the business grow across all Europe and become one of the pioneer in supplying the Swarovski Crystal or Elements. The unique designs was first took place in Italy and Armenia. Siladroja celebrates this uniqueness through artisan jewelry, finished with fashion and built to last.


Growth History

In the year of 2019, Siladroja got it's first ware house in New York were the designs and manufacturing are being made. The company is very grateful for this expansion, and thankful for all the loyal customers across the Europe.

And this year of 2020, the board of the members decided to adapt the world of e-commerce to continue it's growth and to be known not just in Europe but also across the globe.